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“John Lennon’s Lost Weekend” is the definitive retelling of one of the most fascinating, least known periods of this musician’s life.

The separation of John and Yoko, in September 1973, was the beginning of John Lennon’s most creative phase away from The Beatles. During the eighteen months that they lived apart, he recorded and published two albums, produced songs for Harry Nilsson and Mick Jagger, and his collaborations with Elton John and David Bowie reached the top of the charts.

Those months, dubbed “The Lost Weekend” by Lennon himself, in a nod to Billy Wilder’s film, were not only the most productive and successful of his solo career but also, from a personal aspect, the time when he recovered his relationship with his son Julian and his old friend Paul McCartney. So much so that they even had a jam session together and during these encounters, they talked about getting their old band back together.

An engrossing narrative through which the characters that defined the wildest era of rock music, shine against the backdrop of the excesses of the Richard Nixon administration and the Watergate scandal, which caused the only resignation of an American president in history.